Bespoke Yoga
Long Beach

Yoga Practice Customized For Each Individual


Personalized One-on-One Instruction

In Private Yoga Instruction, I adapt the tools of Yoga to meet your individual needs and goals.

In a private session, we talk about your goals (in all the areas of your life, like health, wealth, relationships), any physical issues (like a sore knee, a headache or an ongoing condition like hypertension), and what’s going on in your life (if you have a big presentation coming up at work you may want a different Yoga practice than if you are about to go on vacation).  Together, we address your specific needs, limitations and what you want your practice to achieve with far greater precision than is possible in a group class.  

Then we develop a yoga practice that addresses what you need today. It will include physical postures and breathing techniques, and may include any of the other Yoga tools appropriate to your goals.  When you leave, you take with you a detailed personal practice to do at home. And when you come back, we adjust your personal practice to match the changes in your body and your life.

 Fees:  1 Hour $75

   Introductory Special for First Time Students: 
Package of 4 sessions, $240 (save $60!)                                                             

Group Classes

We begin with the breath, add gentle movement, and integrate sound, mantra, mudra, meditation and other yoga techniques as appropriate. I will provide options within asana so each student can practice at their own level of comfort. Beginners and more seasoned yogis will receive individualized support.

On the Internet

Private or group classes via webcam on the net.

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