Bespoke Yoga
Long Beach

Yoga Practice Customized For Each Individual
Bespoke -- Custom.  Made to order.

I'm now a featured teacher on the Thumbtack site.  :)  Check it out at:


Now you can take yoga over the internet. I'm teaching on It's easy to use and reasonably priced, too.  Of course it's not quite the same as having your teacher working with you in the same room.  But if distance or travel time are keeping you from pursuing yoga, this might be the solution.

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This is YOGA

Why practice yoga?  -- More sustained joy for You.

Experience Yoga as it’s been taught to adults for thousands of years: private, personal, and prescriptive.  Unlike the current generic group class model, this is Yoga as a comprehensive self-care system, breath-centered and based on the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, the original source text of Yoga. 

Yoga is an ancient, holistic, healing discipline that offers a broad range of tools for supporting health, healing and personal transformation. Yoga's tools include postures, conscious breathing techniques, meditative practices, gestures, the use of vocal sounds, guided self-inquiry, and much more. These tools can be utilized in an infinite number of combinations to suit the unique needs of the individual throughout the ever-changing stages of his or her life.

Yoga views the human system as not just the physical body, but as comprised of several dimensions, including the physical body, breath, mind, personality and emotions. These dimensions of the human system are interconnected and therefore, interdependent.  A Yoga practice has the potential to affect every dimension of the student's system. For example, a breathing practice may quiet our body, while a physical practice will affect our breath, and may influence our mind and emotions as well.


Q:   I'm already very fit; I'm a serious athlete; I do pilates.  If I am already in good shape, will yoga be of any benefit to me?

A: Yes.  Yoga can help, even if you are already fit.  First, by integrating your muscle systems and linking your breath, yoga can enhance the exercise you already do.  Second, many athletes have developed great strength and endurance, but find that their flexibility is not quite so advanced. Yoga can help with that. And third, yoga can, of course, be a great workout.  Where it's appropriate for the student, a yoga practice can be very physically challenging.  But even more important, yoga can help a fit person because yoga is more about the mind than about the body.  No matter how in shape you are, calming and focusing your mind will help you attain your goals and find more joy in your life.

Q: I've had an injury; I'm not particularly flexible; I'm not in great shape; I'm older; I'm overweight. If I'm not very fit, can I still do yoga?

A: Yes.  You only need three things to be able to practice yoga.  You need to be able to breathe, you need to be able to move, and you need to want to be happier.  That's all.  And you don't even need a lot of any of those.  You don't need the lung capacity of an opera singer, or the flexibility of a gymnast or anything.  If you can breathe and move a little, then all the wealth of yoga is available to you. And everyone wants more joy!

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